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The trend towards singleness in Mexico is on the rise, reveals the Census of population and housing 2020 made by National Institute of Statistic and Geography (INEGI). With 34.2% of the Mexican population being single, just 1.2% less than those who are married, this demographic change reflects a significant social transformation.

The most notable segment in this trend is that of single women between 20 and 24 years of age, since it represents more than 50% of that population, according to Carlos Welti Chanes, from the Social Research Institute. This phenomenon signals a change in the social status of women, this reflects their growing participation in the workplace and education.

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Welti Chanes points out that this increase in female singlehood not only indicates a change in traditional gender roles, but also greater autonomy and recognition of women in society. She adds that the number of women in free unions has also increased, reflecting a preference for less formalized relationships.

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This change in marital union patterns also has implications for reproductive patterns and decisions about the future, especially among young people. Levels of economic uncertainty have led many to postpone commitments such as marriage or parenthood, according to the specialist.

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Mexico City stands out as an epicenter of singleness in Mexico, with 38.1% of the population being single, according to the 2020 Inegi Census. The mayoralties with the highest proportion of single people include Cuauhtémoc, Benito Juárez and Miguel Hidalgo, areas that offer greater access to educational institutions and job opportunities.

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On the other hand, some areas, such as Milpa Alta, Xochimilco, and Tláhuac, show a lower proportion of single people, reflecting a cultural pressure to marry at an early age.

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“Women in the capital increasingly delay their maternity schedule, due to various responsibilities and opportunities, including academic ones. With this, the number of births has decreased”concluded Welti Chanes.

These demographic changes suggest a greater valuing of independence and personal autonomy among Mexicans, with singleness increasingly being seen as a legitimate and valid option for living life.

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